King Cobra / King Cobra Squat

Osaka |


Both venues are in the same building. King Cobra Squat is on the second floor and requires you to walk up two flights of stairs. Once you are in the venue, there are no stairs and everything is accessible. The stage is almost non-existent so it's a bit difficult to see the bands if you aren't up near the front. There are also various places to sit down in the room where the bands play and the other room where the bands sell their merchandise. King Cobra is on the fourth floor of the building and requires you to walked up an additional two flights of stairs. Once you are in the venue everything is on the same level. The stage is high so you can see the bands if you aren't standing right up front. There are a few old dirty couches to sit on.

Bathroom Accessibility
The bathroom in King Cobra Squat is on the same level as everything else. It is a western-style toilet so you can sit down. The bathroom is King Cobra requires one step up and is also very very cramped. There is not much room to move around inside.

Max Capacity


2-18-7 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0086 Japan



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