About Venue Accessibility

Is This Venue Accessible? Why is this needed?

I have a disability and have been going to shows (DIY or otherwise) for over 15 years–nearly half of my life. At these shows, I’ve made connections, made new friends, and witnessed amazing bands and artists. But, because many music venues aren’t accessible, and because it’s often difficult (or impossible) to find information about accessibility at venues, I’ve also missed out on a lot of experiences.

The purpose of “Is This Venue Accessible?” is to provide detailed information about accessibility at music venues. I hope it also draws attention to the fact that many show spaces–both DIY and non-DIY–are inaccessible, and maybe somehow we can help change that.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to inaccessibility in physical spaces, but information is powerful. If you would like to contribute to venue listings in your state or city and provide information about their accessibility or inaccessibility, or if you have comments or questions, please email Contact.ITVA@gmail.com

For DIY venues ran out of basements/houses/warehouses, etc: please note I will not list an address unless that address is already public. I would though, like to list some kind of contact information. If you see that your address is here and would like it taken down (or vise versa) please email me.

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