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You must go down one wide set of about 20-30 stairs. You must then proceed down a corridor and you will arrive at the venue. The bar and room where the bands play are separate. There are two small steps to get into the room where the bands play. The room is very small and there is no stage. So if you are not up front, it's a bit difficult to see the bands. There is no place to sit down other than near the bar, but that space is incredibly narrow. The whole venue is narrow and small and there is not much room to move around, especially at crowded shows.

Bathroom Accessibility
The bathroom is next to the bar and does not require any steps. There is a stall or two and a Japanese-style toilet so you cannot sit down. The bathroom is on the smaller side, but not tiny. It's a unisex bathroom.

Max Capacity


Japa 〒602-0841 京都市上京区河原町今出川下る 梶井町447-14 プランタンビルB1-C



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